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At Commonwealth, we are committed to the practice of medicine and improving the health of our patients, but we're equally committed to improving the health of our local communities. You can read about how COA doctors and therapists are making a difference every day below.




Dr. John Dethoff Lends His Expertise on Health Talk Radio Show

On any given Wednesday, you may be able to chat with our own Dr. John Dethoff on WEEU's Health Talk radio show, which airs live from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Host Dr. Dan Kimball interviews members of the Berks County Medical Society each week, covering a wide range of medical topics. Dr. Dethoff has regularly lent his expertise for over two years now. To see the current schedule or listen to the previous week's program, click here. Call (610) 374-8800 or 1-800-323-8800 during the show to ask your questions!

COA Joint-Replacement Picnic a Yearly Success

For 12 years now, Commonwealth Orthopaedic Associates has celebrated the success of our joint-replacement patients with a special picnic just for them. COA feels it's important to show our patients that we appreciate their continued support and their trust in our doctors and their care. Over the years the number of attendees has grown. This, coupled with the dedication and hard work of our COA staff, ensures the continued success of this event.

The event is held at St. Benedict's Picnic Grove, on Route 10 in Plowville. It's a great opportunity for our patients to reunite with others they may have met in the hospital, or in rehab, or at a previous picnic. Over the years, they've built a strong camaraderie with one another, based on their shared experiences. Plus, there's always plenty of food, BINGO to play, live music for listening and dancing, and fun door prizes.


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